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23 Things People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently

(33) 23 Things People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently

No matter what part of life’s path you’re traveling on, the list below will always be applicable.  These are simple, positive habits that thousands of people who have learned to love their lives, now live by.  Here’s what they do differently…

  1. They flow with life, not against it.
  2. They let go of self-defeating thoughts.
  3. They prove themselves to themselves, not others.
  4. They believe in the possibilities ahead.
  5. They find the positive in every situation.
  6. They appreciate what they have.
  7. They nurture their own inner peace.
  8. They find the courage to be real.
  9. They maintain high personal standards based on strong values.
  10. They walk the talk and always set a great example.
  11. They help themselves by helping others.
  12. They use self-reflection as a tool to keep things in perspective.
  13. They make their important relationships a daily priority.
  14. They accept that not all relationships are meant to last.
  15. They leave the past behind.
  16. They make every day count.
  17. They do the work.
  18. They focus on effectiveness, not busyness.
  19. They get uncomfortable..
  20. They break-up their routines to seek new insight.
  21. They take action in spite of their fears.
  22. They use change as an opportunity to grow.
  23. They always give themselves another chance.

What habits help you love your life?  What activities make you happy?

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