Invest in yourself, from the Inside out.

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What is So She Did?

From a young age, girls are taught to focus on feeling good from the outside. They learn to see themselves through a narrow lens: how attractive they are. They absorb this message through movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and popular music. The entire goal is to find love through being physically desirable. And if they do that, then maybe, if they’re lucky, they will feel good on the inside – feel good about who they are as people. At So She Did, we believe this approach is backward – it puts the outside surface before the inside substance. Playing with fashion and beauty is fun, but it can’t be the source of our self-confidence. Self-esteem shouldn’t come from a bottle.

So She Did offers an online magazine that is building a community of like-minded women interested in investing in themselves from the inside out. When we start on the inside, we build intangibles that last: skills, inner strength, and experiences that lead to greater confidence and sustainable happiness. When we start on the outside and try for physical “perfection” first, it might feel good for a little while, but when we take off the pretty clothes and wash away the makeup, that feeling goes away too. Investing internally in our core strengths and abilities is what lasts – it shapes the real, authentic you, and that can never be taken away.

So She Did is a not-for-profit social movement with the mission to help women invest in themselves from the inside out. Inspired by the call to action, “she believed she could, so she did,” we aim to empower women to develop the self-confidence and courage to define their own measures of self-worth in any domain of life. Our logo is the Queen Chess Piece, representing the most powerful chess piece on the board. Like her, young women today can move in any direction, command the whole game, and master their destinies. It all starts inside.

Why College Women?

Between the ages of eighteen to twenty-one comes a defining inflection point for a woman’s entire life. Take our friend Anne, who played soccer in high school, and studied hard to get into her dream college. In her first month of college, Anne is living on her own, is exposed to a lot of alcohol, and is introduced to a new dynamic where frats grant access to fun, all the while thinking through what her career could look like. That’s a lot of new distractions! We want to help Anne find her own way, and navigate these unchartered waters, maintaining her inner strength and developing her internal compass. You can think of us as your wise and caring older sister.

If this is a mission you align with, we want your voice with ours. Join the movement! #SoSheDid

Core Team

Victoria Song, Founder & CEO

Victoria is a venture capitalist, investing in entrepreneurs who she believes are going to change the world. She loves being at the front line of innovation through her previous work at Google[x] and the startups she advises. When she's unplugged from tech, she loves to dance (everything from hip hop to ballroom), run with her Siberian Husky, Meeko, and write letters to her future self. She graduated from Yale College with a degree in economics, and received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

She believes that empowering and strengthening young women is the key to improving our future world. #SoSheDid

Kathryn Yee, Creative Director

Kathryn studied Communications Design at Syracuse University where she was formally trained in typography, print and package design. After eight years of creating brands and high-touch experiences for luxury hotels, restaurants and the cultural arts industry, she decided it was time to create a brand of her own, Bash, an event design & styling studio. Bash events are inspired by modern style, sophisticated design and unexpected details.

She wanted to apply her ability to create brand experiences to curating the most memorable events, #SoSheDid.

Alex Marshall, Community Director

Alex graduated from New York University with a BA in Art History and a double minor in Business Studies and Environmental Science. An entrepreneur at heart, she currently runs marketing and business development for a startup in NYC. Outside of the office, Alex splits her time between traveling, yoga, and snacking all over NYC. She is a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, and believes in empowering young women through communities on campus, helping to bring So She Did to college women across the country. #SoSheDid.


Jessica Aloft

Jessica is a freelance writer and editor with 10+ years experience helping non-profits communicate effectively to their audiences. She studied community engagement as an undergrad at UC-Berkeley, and honed her practical skills with an MBA from Santa Clara University. Now she is a mother to three young girls in the San Francisco Bay Area. She founded the Mothers of Brisbane, a parent support group and force for good in Brisbane CA. She always wanted to help make the world a better place for women and girls by applying her unique talents, #SoSheDid

Kristin Dziadul

Kristin is a startup marketer with a knack for content and creating community love. She is the founder of the digital marketing company, KDMedia. Previously, she was at Twitter (via Crashlytics) and Backupify. Kristin loves to run around the Charles in Boston, cheer on her favorite Boston Bruins, and learn new recipes to cook and bake. She’s always dreamed of starting her own digital marketing company to help entrepreneurs she believes in, #SoSheDid.

Francesca Ely-Spence

Francesca is starting at Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall, bringing with her the first So She Did Society. She loves singing and was head of her a cappella group in high school. She also loves protecting this house as goalie in field hockey and ice hockey. In her free time, she enjoys photography, creative writing, Tumblr, and visiting Montreal. She plans to study psychology and women’s studies in college.

Sarah Stewart

Sarah is a senior product manager at Amazon in Seattle, and the oldest of four sisters. She is Australian, and previously spent four and a half years living and working in China, and several months teaching English in Mongolia. Growing up, she was a stunt rider (although terrible at every other sport), and nowadays enjoys running and racketball. Sarah has a Bachelors degree from the University of Sydney in Australia, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She’s passionate about using data to improve personal wellness, #SoSheDid.

Andrea M

Andrea M. is a singer-songwriter and certified personal trainer. Growing up in Delaware, her goals were to live in different cities, record a CD and start a fitness career - so she did them! While she's launching her fitness-tech career in Boston, Andrea is into writing, health food, satisfying her exercise A.D.D., and cool community events. Check out her music in the SoSheDid launch video! Through music, health, and self-awareness, she wanted to help people feel amazing about themselves. #SoSheDid!

Elizabeth Weiss

Elizabeth Weiss is a freelance writer, researcher, and a big fan of getting things done. She has a dangerous proclivity to be constantly reading (and as a result often walking into things). She devotes everything she can to helping amazing organizations and people keep doing what they do. If you live in the Bay Area you've probably seen her at the library or on a big blue bus offering mobile showers to the homeless. She believes that every small act of kindness and humanity matters #SoSheDid

Kaitlyn Horwitz

Kaitlyn is originally from Ohio, where she realized that big dreams can come from small towns. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, she moved out to Boston where she helps others see that dedication and self-assurance are the foundation to making a positive difference in the world. She devotes most of her time when she isn’t working her assistant and marketing focused role to exercise, play soccer, and make pottery. She believes that today is the day for change and is using her talents to help others believe in themselves, #SoSheDid.