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Achieve the Benefits of Meditation Without Sitting Quiet and Still

(9) Achieve the Benefits of Meditation without Sitting Quiet and Still

For this week’s growth invitation, SSD called upon Dr. Alexandra Smithmixter for some tips on adapting meditation techniques to your daily routine, for those of us who do not enjoy sitting still :)

Most of us have heard of the awesome powers of meditation, ranging from increased feelings of well being and inner peace, to reduction in stress levels and even blood pressure. But what if you don’t enjoy sitting still? Is meditation only for those that can sit quietly in contemplation?

“Admittedly I’ve never been much of a ‘sit down and listen to the sound of my breath’ type of meditator. In fact, I much prefer the experience of focusing on the sound of my breath when I am hiking up a challenging hill surrounded by nature.” Meditative states of being can be achieved in many different ways. “I’ve experienced them while taking a hot shower, while listening to crashing waves at the beach, while sitting outside on a warm evening listening to the frogs and gazing at the stars, while swaying in a hammock enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin, and even once while stirring soup that I was cooking for dinner. Sitting in the lotus position in a quiet room is one way to achieve a meditative state, but it is not the only way.”

We’d like to invite you to explore what feels meditative to you.Have you experienced a meditative state while painting? While snuggling with a kitten? Or while mountain biking?

In this busy and productivity obsessed world, what brings you back to your center? Taking breaks to reengage with the present is a precious and vital way to proactively care for yourself while preventing “burn-out”.

What feels meditative to you?


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