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Introducing the SoSheDid Campus Ambassador program


Rally the SoSheDid community at your campus by becoming a SoSheDid Ambassador! This is a great leadership and resumé-building opportunity, with real (fun!) work experience during the school year.

Responsibilities include:
  • Organize 2-3 campaigns and/or events on campus each school year (#ReclaimHalloween campaign, fundraising event, etc.). Get student organizations excited to participate—from sororities and fraternities to women’s centers and cultural societies.
  • Post a #SoSheDid Sister of the Week each week, celebrating proud, fulfilling moments of ladies campus-wide.
  • Choose content from (or create your own) to work on in your student group meetings, chapter meetings and/or campus-wide workshops throughout the school year.
  • Monthly check-ins and brainstorms via email or phone with our SoSheDid campus outreach lead.
  • Come up with your own ideas! You know your campus better than anyone. What could we do together to make an even bigger impact with SoSheDid? We’re all ears!
Contact us for application details.

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