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Create Your Hero File!


Create Your Hero File!

One of the funny truths about people is that we often don’t give enough weight to past successes and instead put too much weight on future possible failures. And we ladies often attribute great things that happen to us too much to luck and too little to our own doing. Not only is it important to acknowledge and celebrate each of our SoSheDid moments, but it is also key to celebrate the person behind them!

No matter how much success we’ve achieved, we’re going to have tough days where we may doubt ourselves and can use a confidence boost. That’s where this project comes in!

Create a collection of proud and fulfilling (#SoSheDid) moments for you. These could be essays you’re written, art you’ve created, recommendation letters, awards, compliments from friends, managers, teachers, anything you’re proud of! Gather them into a folder and decorate however you like (with images or words that represent your dreams, goals, anything that reminds you just how boss you are — check out our “Vision Boarding” exercise for inspiration). It’s what we like to call your Hero File, and of course, you’re the hero.

To start: think about 5 successes you had a direct hand in (academics, extracurriculars, work, personal triumphs) and write down what is so unique about you that led to that success. Don’t just focus on the successes themselves — focus on the person who made them happen. What are the qualities, characteristics, the nuts you’re so good at cracking that enabled you to succeed in each of these cases? What is it that you saw that made you think of the solution you created?

Don’t hold back. You earned the celebration.

Acknowledge these qualities, and know you made it happen! Put yourself at the center of these success stories. How you look back at the things you’ve achieved will determine how you measure your future successes, and how confident you feel about going after new goals. Take what you learned from the past with you into the future.

Turn to this collection as a reminder of what a hero you are. This is your Hero File. When you need a boost, open it up and relish the memories. Remind yourself of the power of you. Like rays of sunshine, soak it in and let it warm you from the inside out :)


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