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Eliminate the Negative to Accentuate the Positive


In order to experience greater satisfaction in both our personal and professional lives, it’s essential to adopt a supportive self-care routine and daily practice. A helpful first step is recognizing the patterns that might be holding us back and triggering doubt, anxiety, or fear. Take a look at these three areas of self-care and ask yourself if your daily rituals could use an adjustment to clear the path to confident living

1. Timing: Are you sleeping too little or prone to mood swings depending on your sleep cycle? Do you think more clearly or positively in the morning or in the evening?

Consider designing your schedule around these observations. Tackle challenges during personal peaks rather than valleys. For example, if you feel that you are your best in the mornings, shift your highest priority tasks with the greatest impact to this time of the day. You can rise early to write, compose, exercise, or do any of the activities at which you believe you excel in this period. Save other items for less productive times. You’ll be even better at them leaving you more confident as a result.

2. People: Do you find that the same individual or group of individuals consistently pops into your thoughts and disrupts your happiness? Is a fear of confrontation holding you back from addressing it?

Recognizing that a friend or family member is negatively influencing your well-being does not mean you need to sever this relationship. Instead, consider listing the positive ways this same friend or others in your network support you and encourage more of these actions. For example, if a highly active friend is constantly asking you to join her at the gym and the result is you feel lazy when you decline her invitations, share with her how much you enjoy spending time with her in other environments, such as cooking or taking an art class, where you both might feel more comfortable and confident.

3. Physical: Do you observe that certain exercise or food consumption patterns affect your emotional outlook?

Consider eliminating caffeine or refined sugar for a short period, such as a week or a month, and discover the elements that fuel your physical self to feel its best. Remember to be both forgiving to yourself for any lapses but also still aware to encourage improvement for the future.

Can you eliminate a negative element from each of these three areas of your own life? The first step towards boosting your happiness is to understand your current baseline and the factors that contribute to it. Aim for as many “small wins” as possible when attempting any change to better identify the biggest drivers of your personal happiness.

Thanks to SoSheDid guest, Anastasia Alt for sharing this Do Exercise with us!


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