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Glamour Magazine: Victoria Song of So She Did Named Hometown Hero

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A venture capitalist and Harvard Business School grad,Victoria Song, 28, started So She Did, a nonprofit that aims to empower college-aged women with self-confidence and courage based on the adage ‘She believed she could, and so she did.’ “On paper I look like I’d be one of the most confident women you’ve ever met,” says Song, who attended Yale for undergrad and was named one of Forbes‘ 30 under 30 in venture capital this year. “What was actually going on was a young woman who felt like she didn’t belong at Yale, like she wasn’t smart enough, that something was wrong with her because she couldn’t find a man who was good to her.” Song has rallied thousands of women on college campuses to spread the #SoSheDid mottos through weekly discussions and events like #ReclaimHalloween, a challenge to women to dress up as someone they admire for what they’ve done, not what they look like.

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