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Quiz: Find Your Social Blind Spots

(10) Quiz -- Find Your Social Blind Spots

Discover your unconscious biases with the following exercise by Mazarin Banaji: the Implicit Association Tests. Become aware of your unconscious social attitudes towards important issues such as race, gender, and sexual orientation, or your unconscious or uncontrolled reactions when you think about anxiety, self-esteem, alcohol, eating disorders, and other topics.

The tests consist of clicking one of two keys on your keyboard in response to words and images. They’re free and quick! Click here. It might feel uncomfortable to learn about some of your own biases, but it’s all the in service of self-knowledge and ultimately undoing parts of our thinking that we don’t agree with consciously. It’s normal to have formed biases over our lifetime, but to avoid acting on them, we have to become aware of them (you found an easter egg!).

And by participating, you’re contributing to science, so it’s a win-win-win! Yes, we threw in that last win :)


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