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Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

(34) Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

A negative inner narrative can really wear you down. It can become such a constant that you might not even realize it’s going on, or the impact it’s having on you.

Want to put a muzzle on it? In this article, author Michael Singer offers his thoughts on how to make it go away for good:

According to Singer, “this voice isn’t you and the faster you learn how to separate those thoughts from who you are, the quicker you will be able to experience the world in a stark, unfiltered way.

  • First take a step back from that voice and view it objectively.
  • It’s important that you understand that nothing your inner voice says is really you. If you take sides and think one voice is more representative of you than the other, then you’ve already failed at being objective.
  • The best way to separate yourself is to imagine the voice as a separate human who just won’t shut up.
  • Make believe that your roommate, the psyche, has a body of its own,” Singer says. “You do this by taking the entire personality that you hear talking to you just inside and imagine it as a person talking to you on the outside. Just imagine that another person is now saying everything that your inner voice would say. Now spend a day with that person.”
  • You will eventually find that you need to get as far away from this person as possible because they’re neurotic and they scare you.

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