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Top 10 Career Lessons from Power Women

(1) Vision Boarding -- Collage Your Future

We love every single one of these: Forbes’ Top 10 Career Lessons from Powerful Women:

1)    Wake Up Early: “Starbucks’ President Michelle Gass wakes up at 4:30 every morning to go running. Avon chairman Andrea Jung wakes up at 5. Longtime Vogue editor Anna Wintour is on the tennis court by 6 every morning before work. These women have realized that success comes easier when you have a jump on the day.”

2)    Negotiate Early And Often: “Research shows that women don’t negotiate as often or as successfully as men, which may contribute to the lingering gender wage gap. In most developed countries, women still earn 80 to 85 cents for every dollar earned by men. The gap widens with age. A 20-something woman makes 90% of what a 20-something man makes. Thirty years later, she makes 75% as much as him.”

3)    Delegate: “Katie Taylor, the CEO of hotel brand Four Seasons, recently admitted that she is a bit of a “control freak,” but for the good of her and everyone around her, she tries to delegate. If you think of your career as a juggling act of various balls, ask yourself which of those balls are made of glass and would shatter if dropped, and which are made of rubber and would bounce back. Give away the rubber balls.” (Would end here. We want to leave something to the imagination, no?)

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