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Vision Boarding: Collage Your Future!

(1) Vision Boarding -- Collage Your Future

Vision Boarding – Collage Your Future

Do you find yourself wondering how much of “you” to bring to work versus leave in your personal life? Do you wish that you didn’t have to compartmentalize yourself, and had a better sense of how to just be you in any environment you’re in? How to highlight and bring the parts that are most relevant to the situation, whether it be work, play, life, or love? They are all you.

Bring out your creative energies with this fun poster project: create a vision board of your professional persona and your personal persona.

Your thoughts about the future are incredibly powerful, and visualizing them through images, texts, and concepts that resonate with you can help bring clarity to who you want to be in work and life. How do you want to be experienced in work and personal life? What do you value in work and life?

Take images and words from articles and magazines that you feel connected to, that describe you and who you want to be. This collage is a representation of your future! It can be whatever you want it to be. You’re literally starting with a blank slate and, slowly, painting your future into existence. It can be colorful or black and white, full of pictures or full of words—let it be a reminder of the wonderful you you’re becoming.

Just like you, this board is evolving, so let it be a work-in-progress. Add to it, layer over time—you can spend a few hours, days, weeks, or months!


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