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Want to bring SoSheDid to your campus? Here’s how.

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SoSheDid is working with thousands of young women to redefine the social culture on college campuses, through fun events and empowering weekly discussions. Ready to bring the movement to your school? Here’s the rundown:


#SoSheDid Moments
Hashtag pics to celebrate your girlfriends’ accomplishments, big and small! Here are a few ideas for photos to share with #SoSheDid:

  • Write down something you’re proud of or hope to accomplish, hold it up, and snap a photo. Grab a friend and do it together!
  • Share a group photo of you and your girls living out your dreams and making a difference—whether that’s out in the world, in the library, on the field, or at the local charity.
  • Share a pic of the Sister of the Week and tell the world why she’s such a rockstar.
  • Share a pic of a woman you admire and why.

Empowerment Exercises
Make SoSheDid’s empowerment and reflection exercises a regular part of your organization’s or sorority’s meetings. This is a great way to learn more about your friends’ hopes and dreams, and talk about timely topics in a positive setting. Have an idea for an exercise or discussion topic? We’d love to hear it!



Read all about the #ReclaimHalloween campaign here.

Throw a Shower
Get together 6-8 girlfriends for a SoSheDid Shower to celebrate their #SoSheDid moments—whether that’s getting a promotion at work, completing their first 5K road race, learning to make the perfect pie crust or mastering a foreign language. SoSheDid shower kits come with fun, empowering group activities and gifts to celebrate you and your friends. Great for retreats and sorority family nights!

Organize a Speaking Event
Victoria Song, the founder and CEO of SoSheDid, is available to speak on a range of topics, from defining our own self-worth to challenging the stories we tell ourselves. Contact us if you’re interested in bringing Victoria to your campus for a talk or workshop.

Host a Party
Plan a party on campus to raise funding to support SoSheDid’s efforts to help women invest in themselves from the inside out around the world. Already have an event in the works? We’d love to make SoSheDid a part of it! We’ll help you brainstorm how—from photo booth inspiration to costume themes. Contact us for more details.

New Year’s #CollectandReflect
Think beyond the classic resolutions and take New Year’s as an opportunity for meaningful introspection, on your own or with your sisters. Check out our thought-starters here.

Apply to be a SoSheDid Ambassador for your campus. More details here.


The best ideas come from you. What SoSheDid activities are you dreaming of? Let’s make it happen together! Send us an email.


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