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What’s Next For You: Find YOUR Untapped Potential!

(4) What's Next For You -- Find YOUR Untapped Potential

What’s Next For You: Find YOUR Untapped Potential

We asked Dr. Alexandra Smithmixter how a SO SHE DID gal can identify her untapped potential, and she shared the following exercise:

Step 1: Create a 2×2 table (see our example below) — On left side, label: “Things I’ve Invested In,” and “Things I Have Not Invested In” (note these are not the same as strengths and weaknesses) and across the top, label: “Things I Subjectively Value” and “Things I Don’t Subjectively Value.

Step 2: Beginning with the top left corner, “Things I’ve invested in that I subjectively value,” fill in the box with 10 examples from your own life.

Step 3: Move clockwise around the boxes, ending with the one on the bottom left. This last box deserves a little extra TLC since  “Things I Subjectively Value and Have Not Invested In” is where your untapped potential is waiting to be explored and explicated.

This is an exciting growth area to focus on, filled with raw potential. It is the key to directing your energy back into investing in yourself!

Here’s our example:

Things I Subjectively Value Things I Do Not Subjectively Value
Things I Have Invested In
  1. My education
  2. Close friendships
  3. My current romantic relationship
  1. What others think about me
  2. Friendships that were one-sided
  3. Old romantic relationships


Things I Have Not Invested In
  1. Dancing
  2. Learning to kite board
  3. Public speaking


  1. Watching sports
  2. Competitive Accolades
  3. Disrespectful people


When you’ve got your list of things you value but haven’t invested time in, turn this list into a new set of goals: #SoSheDid Moments! You don’t have to conquer everything at once, but every step counts. Beginner kickboxing class? New recipe to try out? DIY home decor project? Try to work with a new item on your list each month! You may surprise yourself and fall in love with a brand new passion.


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